The coaching staff of St. Paul Lutheran School dedicates itself to the development of the total student athlete. The spiritual, physical, and emotional growth of each person is conscientiously considered when planning and implementing our athletic program. We believe that sports are a gift from God and participation in sports is always to be to His glory. St. Paul participates in the Christian Schools Athletic Fellowship league, special tournaments, and state competitions.

Josh Christian - Athletic Director

Nick Brown - Cross Country
Kristen Browning - Girls Junior Varsity Basketball
Josh Christian - Tackle Football, Track & Field
Peter Couser - Varsity Basketball, Baseball
Rosie DeLaVega - Varsity Volleyball
Andrew Green - Boys Varsity Basketball
Greg Grizzle - Girls Varsity Basketball
Asha Gore - Junior Varsity Volleyball
Kirk High - Girls Varsity Basketball
Laura High - Cross Country, Track & Field
Travis Holmes - Cross Country
Harrison Jenkins - Basketball
Hance Jenkins - Basketball
Brent LaRiviere - Touch Football
Rachael Maddux - Junior Varsity Volleyball
Michele Mangan - Varsity Volleyball
Scott Mangan - Golf
Zach Matthews - Boys Varsity Basketball
Steve Moroneso - Golf
Becky Moroneso - Golf
Tyler Trahant - Touch Football
Jeff Underhill - Touch Football
Ramiro Zamora - Track & Field